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Workshops Versus Conventional Training That Will Increase Your ROI and Maximize Your Overall Profitability

All the time and money wasted in various types of training have not paid any dividends to any retailer in the long run. Training allows people to learn utilities, developing people on the other hand requires selfless nurturing. Our workshops are designed to teach methods, not utilities, therefore they focus on developing people rather than process. We believe that businesses succeed when people behave autonomously.

Whichever direction you choose to go, we provide solutions to create winning results. From a perspective of efficiency and maximizing returns we provide the best tools that have never been practiced in the automotive retail industry. On the flip side, it is our utmost passion to help people improve the quality of their lives. Our culture development curriculum is specifically designed to help auto retailers. It is one of a kind since it addresses all of the shortfalls and characteristics of this industry.


Organizational Culture for Auto Retailers

A: Leadership Workshop: Dealer principal, General Manager, All Managers and supervisory personnel (1 day)
Course Objectives: Learn how to connect with employees and their personal lives in order to create an environment to achieve sustainable change:
  • Prepare the leadership team to engage and connect with employees on a personal level
  • Identify the connection between personal and business goals and objectives
  • Provide tools and methods that will help develop the organizational buy in by the employees
  • Prepare the team to systematically develop strategies for sustainable change
B: All employee workshops: All dealership employees including the GM or the principal (2 days)
Course objectives: Learn how personal lives are closely weaved with that of work place and use the correlation to achieve personal and work related objectives and improve the quality of life:
  • Identify the relationship between personal and organizational purpose
  • Create synergies between all employees and the leadership team
  • Identify and break down barriers based on personality conflict
  • Identify limiting beliefs and references which hold individuals and organizations back
  • Provide tools which allows all participants to take ownership of their business objectives
  • Provide tools to eliminate organizational culture which prevents change and growth

Power of Human Influence (The Pygmalion Effect)

Attendees: Sales management and sales staff (1 day)
Course Objectives: Participants will learn the following key points in building relationships during a sales process:
  • Psychology of influential conversations
  • Proper questioning techniques
  • Art of active listening
  • Identifying common interests to build relationships
  • Gaining trust
  • The art of selflessness and giving
  • Elevating human expectations
  • Power of influence in selling

Power of Your Balance Sheet

Attendees: Principals, General Managers and Controllers (1 day)
Course Objectives: Participants will have a clear understanding of their balance sheet and manage their businesses more efficiently:
  • Understanding the relationship between balance sheet and profit statements
  • Learning the dangers of hidden numbers which distort profits
  • Analyzing volatile asset and liability accounts to identify financial bottlenecks
  • Methods of identifying theft or negligence without an expert help
  • Learning how to free up frozen capital
  • Reconcile profitability of any dealership just by the balance sheet analysis
  • Identify unaccounted expenses or income

Fixed Operations Efficiencies

Attendees: Service and parts managers (1 day)
Course Objectives: Participants will learn about the crucial benchmarks to assess the performance level of their service and parts departments:
  • Understand the measuring tools for service and parts department efficiencies
  • Compare current statistics to that of high performance dealerships and identify opportunities
  • Understand true shop capacity and learn to maximize service production
  • Enhance service write up process and learn sales techniques to maximize each repair order
  • Improve service customer retention through comprehensive marketing and loyalty tools
  • Create effective service and parts compensation plans to boost performance
  • Breakeven analysis for wholesale parts and its effects on departmental bottom line
  • Effective menu pricing and pricing matrix for parts department
  • Learn to manage departmental profitability in net profits and improve cost control

Effective Compensation Plans

Attendees: Owners, General managers (1 day)
Course Objectives: learn how to author effective pay plans to improve performance and stay in budget:
  • Relationship between dealership objectives and forecast and productive pay plans
  • The “Funnel Approach” principal
  • Properly calculating staff count required
  • Calculating a compensation budget based on objectives and market
  • Distribution of compensation between 3 tier producers
  • Calculating proper bonus structures that increases performance
  • Eliminating unaccounted bonus spending and stay within budget
  • Creating compensation plans based on individual performance and improvement

Hiring and Retaining Millennials

Attendees: Owners, General Managers, Department Managers (1 day)
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Understand how millennials behave and eliminate the challenges of the automotive retail culture which prevents hiring and retaining this generation of employees, who are instrumental for the future workforce and the consumers:
  • Understand millennial employees’ expectations
  • Avoid conventional automotive retail traits that get in the way
  • Creating compensation plans to attract millennials to the automotive retail industry
  • Benefiting from their character attributes that will enhance performance if encouraged
  • Creating longevity and loyalty through monetary and emotional recognition
  • Methods of proper interview and screening questionnaires
  • Proper employment advertising and sources

Negotiation Techniques

Attendees: Sales managers, sales staff (1day)
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Learning to perform with an accommodating technique in this challenged and competitive environment of auto sales and succeed every time:
  • Understanding different customer behavior styles
  • Customizing sales approach to each behavior style
  • Learn to accommodate selflessly just to help
  • Becoming a master of listening
  • Proper questioning techniques
  • Customizing the sales process
  • Practicing to ask intelligent interview questions
  • Structure proposal based on interview to win with the first offer
  • There are no objectives, just needs
  • Creating the sense of control by the client
  • Learning to address concerns rather than avoid them
  • Becoming a champion of making friends