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Our Relationship With Our Clients

Convergent Alliance is now a “Mobility Strategist,” helping auto dealers make the transition of their choice. The timeline of mobility transformations should create a sense of urgency to make decisions now that will protect your investments. We made the leap of faith to become an unconventional pioneer, helping our clients navigate the coming turmoil.

In the next five years and ongoing, auto retailers will have to find their space in a new environment and an industry shifting toward a mobility experience. Auto dealers need to start transforming their perception and business culture, or will be forced to exit the arena.

Your auto retail businesses will likely be worth the most in 2017 while gradually declining thereafter. Our services for these clients are focused on short-term strategies and ROS, looking for maximized return on investments while there is still time. Improving your financial statements is one of our specialties.

If you decide to take part in the transformation of the vehicle distribution concept, you have an additional and completely different task on hand. In order to start tackling this transformation, auto retailers must start immediately developing an organizational culture that will help serve this purpose.

Alternate to 20 Groups and What It Means

Retailers have various ways of recording data, regardless of what their accounting manuals suggest. Accrual accounts, retailer created reserves, and other creative offset accounts make it impossible to compare relevant data. Our proprietary system identifies each client’s specific recording practices and normalizes the data to match our reporting system. Now you have credible information to compare with relevant data.

  • Our client base average ROS: 3.4% | NADA national average: 2.2%
  • We provide unmatched and accurate composite data
  • We customize our composites to each client
  • Our diagnostic tool provides suggestions for solutions
  • We identify root causes of deficiencies and shortcomings
  • Our proprietary process “Paint by Numbers” compares relevant data

A New Approach to Dealership Buy/Sells

While it is common practice to appraise car dealerships based on their annual income, verifying the actual earnings is a different process. A credible due-diligence is an intense process through which we verify the accuracy of the stated income and expenses, as well as the assets and liabilities which reside in the balance sheet. We identify the real profitability.

  • Superior to conventional brokerage
  • Maximizes return both for the seller or the buyer
  • Focused on building value for the seller by efficient asset evaluation
  • Identify overstated values for the buyer for equitable price negotiations
  • Utilizing 40 years of executive retail experience for the best transaction price

Organizational Culture Development Initiatives

Do you struggle with sustaining change in your business? Sustainable change can only be achieved when self-concept supports our aspiration to change. Ask yourself this question; “What does my organization’s environmental self image look like?”

As it impacts individual lives, “self image” or “self concept” also affects the growth of businesses. If you want your employees to be dedicated to your customers, you must do the same for them. As we approach the era where the ecosystem of mobility will transform transportation, the focus will now inevitably shift from metal to people. Auto retailers who want to secure their future in this transition must immediately begin taking steps to change their organizational self image and transform their culture to focus on customized customer service.

  • Why change does not stick?
  • Wasting time and money with conventional training
  • Focusing on and understanding employees
  • Building your business as a brand
  • Making lifetime employees and customers