J.D. Power and Associates is presenting its first conference on the topic of future of transportation in Las Vegas on October 23-24. For those of you especially in the retail industry who have many doubts, questions and concerns regarding the future of transportation, it is a must to attend. I will be presenting one of the breakout sessions on the 23rd. at 4:50 pm at the Aria Hotel. Our topic is “SPACE OF AUTO RETAILING IN THE FUTURE OF RIDE SHARE “. You can sign up for the conference by clicking on the link below and also register for our workshop which may have limited space due to popularity.


As we embark upon this awareness initiative regarding the new mobility concept and its effects on the future of auto retail industry, there are various paradigms that retailers need to revisit and perhaps change early on if they want to be a player in the future of transportation. No matter what the solution may end up being, it will at a minimum transform from being a metal mover to a human centric approach and the focus will shift from product to service and relationships. In that regard, retailers lack one of the most significant elements; being connected to customers and employees. Over the years we always talked about organizational culture and its impact on performance in any business environment. The disconnect and not taking personal interest in employees wants needs and ambitions, singularly causes them not to be connected to the business goals and objectives for the fact that their purpose is not defined in their job descriptions.

As an operator, owner or a retailer principal, I have no doubt that from time to time you take your general managers, department managers and some other key players whom you might think is contributing to the success of your business to lunches, dinners or other types of entertainment or even on trips. I would venture to think that hardly any of you, and exceptions don’t make the rule, ever do the same with your lot attendants, clerical and support staff or even maybe sales staff and service advisors. This immediately triggers one thought process that leads to the assumption that most of you are not really connected with your employees.

Even when you do spend time with the key players, it’s always about your purpose, your objectives and your desires, it is not about taking personal interest in their personal aspirations and goals or what is important for them, what might be troubling in their personal lives. This is an element in any business environment that might make the single most difference in how people perceive their place of work, their boss, their supervisors or their coworkers and therefore connect with them in common goals and ambitions for the organization. People only perform at their potential if they believe in what they do and if there is an element of contribution and pride in their task no matter how simple it might be.

As we approach a new era in transportation concepts, and yes there are many unanswered questions at this stage, one thing is eminent no matter what form it takes, it will be about people and not the metal. While trying to figure out the rest of it one thing we can start doing differently is how we connect with our people, it might be cheapest investment with the biggest return you have ever made.

Hope to see you in Vegas.